Feedback about from some of our customers

G Mustafa Nizamani
Head Off: Shahdadpur
We run our Paragon Schools in two cities of Sindh for last seven years and plan to expand our system! But we found ourselves totally changed, improved, updated, accurate and remarkably fast in our routined and yearly programmed activities with this School Management System! We feel we would have served best, if this system had been with us from the day one of our school! We now find our management complete! We are highly thankful to team who provided this service! It is wrong to call it software, I call it another duplicate of G Mustafa Nizamani, who 24hours works at my place and reports, and provides data in planning and decision making!
Let me tag the differences, this an other Mustafa has made in Paragon:
  1. Our tuition fee receiving has been multiplied and touching to 100% receiving without any of efforts from our side.
  2. Our Examination System has been changed and its presentation to school parents has increased our admissions.
  3. Our students record is proper and complete.
As this duplicate Mustafa provides Online facility, so I feel very comfortable in working at home, and during travel! I strongly recommend all school heads to request for this service now and get their own duplicate!
Best Regards,
G. Mustafa Nizamani
Zafar Ali
Sakhakot Public School
Sakhakot, Malakund
I am running a school and was facing lot of management problems like time management; staff management; student's management; record keeping and on the spot record sorting which was impossible manually. Thanks to all the team giving such a dynamic online system through which one can easily manage all the tasks promptly.
I love to use the online management system and run the school.
Ali Imran
Ataleeq Islamic Pre School
I found this "School Management System" very useful for my daily routine management. It surely helps us to reduce bed debts as well as to reduce the time consumption of me and my staff. In short iSchool is a must to have system management system for all schools who wants to manager their school in a hassle free manner. Thanks to team.