Event Calendar

Event calendar is a shared calendar among all schoolsonline.pk users of your school. You can add reminders, event notifications and notes on any date to communicate to others users or for your own reasons. Thus event calendar is a very useful tool for noting things or to notify others.

User Administration

This module is used by the administrator to prevent unauthorized access to the system. Any user logging into the system can access only those menu options for which he/she has been granted rights for. Administrator can change passwords of any user to block any subsequent usage of schoolsonline.pk for left staff.


The school module helps to efficiently manage your school categories like Nursery, Pre primary, primary etc. where you can also manage school classes and their sections. You can save your database back for minimize your data lost threat. It also helps to manage your student’s fee process & staff payroll process as well as manage scoolsonline software user administration.


This module helps to manage records of students admitted in the school, search/update the details of the student by register number, maintain the records of Leaving Certificate, Attendance Details, and promote the student in the next year after completing final exam. Also update the student medical record & related letter to parents regarding school activities & student behavior/progress.


Fee module extensively deals with students Fee functionalities where you can enter/update student’s fee, school categories & classwise fee, manage fee transactions & result out useful details by report option.


Examination module helps to handle school examination activities where school easily session out exam names school conducting exams starting, ending & result out dates. Examination slip with the subject exam dates. Subjects entries, subject marks and passing marks as well as subject remarks detail of student exam activity and their remarks. Detail examination report.


In this module school administration can manage staff categories, designation & their attendance status by doing so school administration can generate their errorless monthly payroll register. School administration can also manage staff adjustment & staff advances as well as able to manage/provide staff pay slips.

Financial Accounting

The Integrated Accounting Package allows comprehensive management of accounts without the need of cumbersome posting of vouchers. Integrated with fee module, the accounts module automatically manages posting of fees into appropriate accounts heads.

Apart from this, the user is not restricted with only automatically posting but the generic accounting processes are also available as in most popular accounting packages.

The Financial Accounting module enables effective management of complete accounts of School. All type of vouchers can be entered from single voucher entry screen. Bird's view (zooming) feature makes it more users friendly. All reports like Ledger, Bank/Cash Book, Journal, Trial Balance, Income & Expenditure Account and Balance Sheet are available with single click.

Time Table Management

This module is a very full featured utility designed to create and manage school timetables and staff timetables based upon student course requests. For all this you only need to enter some piece of basic data which includes information regarding teachers, class, subject, and school week duration, time duration of lecture, etc...Based on this timetable for each class and staff timetable is generated.


Accounts module purely related with school’s account department where they can efficiently manage the vouchers like daily expense voucher, admin voucher, fund transfer voucher as well as monthly expense summery, income and expense details, trial balance.


The purpose of this module to smartly & quickly plane out academic day types class time table, yearly planner, school holidays for the year were also can manage activities for the year. The additional option for teachers/faculty where easily can manage & suggest class teacher setup, teacher’s subject & their teaching skills.


New and in use users can quickly take out step by step easily/understandable/graphical help by this module where all software features covers.